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Instic AI RPA Claim Extractor solution automates the data entry process which is a part of claim processing. Data entry includes lot of human error-prone, time consuming and repetitive tasks. Automation here benefits the organisation with a smaller workforce that works more efficiently, 100% data capture is achieved along with error-free data that is stored in the database. Our Claim Extractor transforms the data entry team to a auditing team, that does the same work in a better manner and with a smaller workforce.

Document Processing

Claim Data Extraction

Our system handles large volumes of documents including readable and scanned pdfs with models trained on healthcare data

  • Image cleaning for poorly scanned documents

  • Fields extraction such as Patient Info, Diagnosis and Treatment date

  • Extraction of billed medicines and services in the Invoice table

  • Annotation of extracted data with x-y coordinates for easier auditing

  • Standardization of invoice table into a single format

Data Pipeline

Extracted data goes through multiple validations to get better accuracy. Extracted data is mapped to standard codes and maps for easy consumption. The pipeline includes​

  • Cleaning up miscellaneous characters and words detected due to unclear scans using pre-trained models for medical terms

  • Annotating data with 'confidence score' to indicate low accuracy cases

  • Invoice items are categorized into medicines and various services

  • Medicines and services are mapped to standard codes and client's unified database

processing medicine data

Claim Analytics

Get useful insights on claims processed for complete visibility of your operations to reduce Claims Leakage

  • Identify claims with high TAT and recognize patterns for providers and categories

  • Identify inaccurate claims to further identify bad scans and take preventive action for future claims

  • Identify patterns within high-cost claims

Upcoming Products

Doctor's Desk

Instic AI Doctor

Augment the medical adjudication of health claims

  • Incorrect diagnosis detection based on patient's medical history

  • Validation of medicines and services for diagnosis

Fraud Detection

An automated solution to highlight red flags and save on losses incurred due to fraud

  • Duplicate Claims

  • Overcharging for medicines and services

  • Overpriced medicines instead of generics

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