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Statement Data Extraction

Our system is built to quickly process bank statements, both readable and scanned. System includes

  • Image cleaning for poorly scanned documents

  • Extract all the transactions and relevant fields

  • Standardized output for all banks into a single format

Data Pipeline

The data extracted in standard format is then passed through a data processing pipeline that includes multiple transformations and validations to obtain better quality data. The pipeline includes​

  •  Cleaning up miscellaneous characters detected due to unclear scans

  • Flagging problematic words with low accuracy

  • Correction of inaccurately detected words with industry specific models to increase accuracy

  • Transforming multiple types of bank statements with various column identifiers into a unified standard format

Computer Programming
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Intuitive GUI

Our UI is designed focusing on user experience, avoiding unnecessary clicks and to provide a seamless user experience to audit extracted data from bank statements

  • The template addition module has been designed in the smoothest way possible

  • The core module involves uploading a pdf bank statement, selecting the appropriate template and viewing extracted data, along with editing and adjusting features

  • The entire experience ensures minimal clicks along with ensuring that the auditor has all the tools that he/she needs

  • The user interface is intuitive giving a hassle free experience to new users

Quick Template Addition

Unlike other products in market with TAT of 24-48 hours for new bank templates, we give the power of template creation to you with our seamless UI. And it takes less than a minute

  • We auto detect if the uploaded bank statement belongs to a bank which exists in our extensive database

  • For the other case, all you need is to mark columns in UI and tell system the column names

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